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Clean Your Gutters: Pests That Are Attracted To Clogged Gutters

Over time out gutters can clog with leaves and other debris. A clogged gutter can cause a lot of damage to your home including foundation cracks, basement flooding, and water damage. But what most people fail to realize is that a clogged gutter can be attractive to a number of pests. In fact, some of these pests are responsible for clogging gutters in the first place. This is why it pays to check on your gutters and clean them out at least twice a year. If you still aren’t convinced check out this list of pests that we have found living in Georgia gutters. mosquito on skin


Obviously, when you have standing water you get mosquitoes and your gutters are no exception. A clogged gutter can hold as much water as a small swamp and be a hotbed of mosquito activity and you won’t even realize it. Mosquitoes can ruin any outdoor gathering you have and can even carry deadly diseases like Zika and West Nile.


Birds are a common gutter pest that can turn a functioning gutter into a reservoir. Birds usually build their nests where gutters are under the eaves of a roof or protected by a gutter guard. When it rains, the nest will block the water and cause it to overflow. This can lead to erosion and water settling around your foundation. If you have a bird’s nest in your gutter first check to make sure it isn’t active. Never remove an active nest or the mother will abandon her chicks. As soon as the birds leave the nest, remove it, and prevent other birds from building nests there. Also, the birds’ droppings can stain siding, gutters, and even concrete. 

Bees, Hornets, and Wasps

Your gutters, eves, and soffit are prime areas where bees, hornets, and wasps love to build their nests. These guys might not clog your gutters but they can really get in your way when you are up there trying to clean them. Trust us, the last place you want to be during a bee, wasp, or hornet attack, is on a 20-foot ladder. Before you go up on your roof, observe closely to see if there is any activity around the roof or gutters. If you see bees and wasps crawling in and out of cracks around your roof or gutters, it’s more than likely that you have a nest. Once inside, bees can chew through drywall, get between your walls, and can even enter your home. Use extreme caution if you suspect there is a hive around your home.


Over time, gutters can collect leaves, pine needles, and twigs. These are all the materials mice need to make a nest. These nests can clog and create heavy ice dams in the winter. Mice can easily access vents that lead into your attic from the room. Once inside, they can chew through wood, insulation, and drywall. Make sure to remove all debris from your gutters to discourage mice and other rodents from building nests. mouse on gutter


Here in Georgia, we have many venomous snakes that can find their way into your gutters and pose a threat to anyone attempting to clean a clogged gutter. Snakes don’t necessarily cause damage to your home, although large ones might rip your gutters away from your soffit and fascia board. The danger is usually reserved for surprised homeowners who find them when they clean out their gutters. You may be asking yourself, “why is there a snake in my gutter?” Well, the short answer is; food. Specifically, rodents and birds that are already living in your gutters.

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