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Common Pests to Find in Your Home and Lawn This Spring

When the sweet Georgia spring arrives, so do our creepy pest friends and the need for some sort of Georgia pest control. Those spring pests can just as easily end up inside your home as they do outside.

While you’re in the garden or harmlessly walking into your basement to find your roller blades, frisbees, and leftover sidewalk chalk, you can come across plenty of these gross pests.
Sometimes, it may even seem like their only purpose is to scare you and make your home feel dirty.

While that’s not necessarily the case, it’s important to know which pests cause harm and what you can do to stop it before they potentially ruin your home.

Spring Pests that can Invade Your Home or Lawn


Centipedes are truly great for killing other types of pests in your home, such as spiders, bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, and ants. While house centipedes can be pretty harmless to humans, you don’t necessarily want to allow a few dozen centipedes crawling around your house just to kill the other spring interior pests that are floating around your home.


Carpenter ants are just some of the common spring pests that affect your lawn in the spring.
Here in Georgia, we have two types of aunts in particular that like to hang around our homes – Black Carpenter Ants and Florida Ants. Neither of which anyone would really appreciate invading their homes.

The first is the Black Carpenter Ant. They tend to feed on other insects, living or dead. While the threat of them hurting a human is slim to none, they do have the power to hurt the structural integrity of a home or building that they choose to invade. They can build their nests inside the wood of your home, chewing through the wood and ruining it.

The second is the Florida Ant. These ants do bite humans when they feel threatened. While these creatures technically are not poisonous, they do cause pain upon biting when they inject a defensive chemical into their predators – which are sometimes humans. The Florida Ant comes out at night, after sunset, and they tend to nest near the perimeters of your home or in your attic.

Bed Bugs

These are arguably the creatures that freak people out. While Bed Bugs do not transmit disease, there are negative health complications linked to the aftermath of their non-venomous bites. Bed Bugs can arrive in anyone’s home from a number of things like staying in a hotel or even resting your purse on a dirty surface. These can only be killed and prevented with indoor pesticides.


In Georgia, Mosquito season begins in late spring and lasts all the way through early autumn. They can lay eggs in your yard, allowing mosquitoes to live in and around your home throughout about a quarter of the year. Georgia mosquitoes most commonly carry West Nile Virus, to which there is no cure, and Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus, which can affect your fur friends just as much as it can affect your family members.

Prevention Methods

Some at-home ways you can do to work on preventing these pests from invading your lawn and home are ensuring there is never any free-standing, purposeless water in your yard. This can be a prime breeding ground for bugs like this. For ants specifically, cinnamon is known to be a defense against them, killing them when it is ingested.

Calling Progressive Pest Control for Professional Help

If you’ve reached the point where you know that professional help would be best, Progressive Pest Control is here for you. From Black Carpenter Ants to Florida Ants, from Bed Bugs to Mosquitoes, we have something to treat your home inside and out that is safe for your children and pets.

You can contact us at (706) 654-2730, or look us up on Facebook for more information. We’re always here to take care of your pest problems!

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