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Protect Your Home From Fall Pests

It’s around this time of year that we start getting numerous calls about pests making their way into people’s houses. This happens because, in the fall, many insects are searching for warm places to spend the winter months. If your home is not maintained properly you could be unintentionally inviting these pests inside. Follow these tips and tricks to help keep your house pest-free this fall.

Trim Trees and Bushes

If you have bushes or trees growing near your home make sure they aren’t actually touching your home. Bushes and branches make great bridges for pests to gain entry to your home. Go around and trim your trees and bushes, making sure nothing is touching the side of the house or the roof.

Seal Your Doors

Over time, doors tend to shrink and expand with the weather. This can cause them to not seal properly when closed. If you can see daylight through the cracks in your door then you have a problem. You can help this by installing weather stripping to seal cracks or a door sweep for the bottom of the door.

Repair Your Screens

In the fall we can turn off our air conditioners and open our windows to the cool breezes of fall. But if your screens are not in good shape they could allow pests to get inside. Bugs like the Asian lady beetle and boxelder bugs love to congregate on windows and the sides of houses in the fall. A ripped screen could be an easy access point for an infestation. 

Move Debris Away From Your Foundation

Pests are attracted to leaves, mulch, wet soil, and other organic materials. This is why it’s important to clean up your yard in the fall. Remove all leaves and make sure all grass clippings are picked up or moved at least twenty feet away from your house. Many insects use these areas as overwintering spots. You don’t want them to find an even better spot inside the comfort of your home.

Store Firewood Away From The House

As the days get colder, those of us with fireplaces look forward to curling up in front of a crackling fire with a good book. Just remember to store the firewood outside and at least twenty feet away from your home until you want to use it. Firewood is not only a great overwintering spot for fall pests but other lawn pests such as ants and termites that you don’t want to let loose inside your home. 

Check Your Crawlspaces and Basement

Crawl spaces, basements, and attics can be hotspots of pest activity if your home is not sealed properly. Pests such as mice, rats, and squirrels love warm places to spend the winter. Look for obvious signs such as shredded paper, chewed up boxes, seeds, and feces. Check for any rotting wood or damp areas that could attract carpenter ants and termites.

Store All Food in Air-Tight Containers

Another way pests are attracted to our home is by the smells coming from our kitchen. Make sure to store all food in sealed containers instead of the boxes and bags they come in. This will discourage ants, moths, weevils, and other pantry pests.

Call the Professionals at Progressive Pest Control

If you are having trouble with fall pests or any other type of pest, then call the experts at Progressive Pest Control. With our perimeter pest control program, we can lay down an invisible barrier around your home that will protect your home from bothersome pests like the Asian lady beetle, stink bugs, boxelder bugs, spiders, earwigs, and more.

Our clients can get in touch with us at (706) 654-2730 or leave us a message on our site. Our clients can also keep up with us on our services and specials through our social media pages like Facebook or our Twitter feed.

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