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The Harmful Ways of The German Cockroach

We all know bugs are unappealing, but in Georgia, we have the German Cockroach which is at least ten times freakier than other types of pests. This is something we, unfortunately, cannot get away from, but what we can do is learn about them and know everything we can about them and target this vicious pest.

The Life of the German Cockroach

The cycle of life for this creepy little bug takes place over about one hundred days. Of course, it begins with the egg and slowly transitions into the adult bug. It can be weird to think about little cockroach eggs lying around the places we all enjoy like decks and patios, playsets, and near park benches. But in reality, this pest only exists in the same environments as humans – there is actually no evidence suggesting that it can survive where humans do not. 

These little guys breed pretty often, which makes them annoyingly abundant in our area. The German cockroach is about an inch long and is most active at night – but that doesn’t mean you won’t run into one in your kitchen or basement. It just means they choose to come out at night. If you find one in the light of day, it probably did it’s damage while you were sleeping. 

How They Survive

It is pretty well known that insects cannot live without consistent access to food. But for the German cockroach, it’s a bit different. While they don’t necessarily live off of human food, they are often found inside easily accessible containers with leftover food, or inside appliances that are warm and safe. 

Managing These Pests

German cockroaches are no joke. They are often associated with unclean living areas, so ensuring your home doesn’t have them is something to focus on during their breeding season, which is during the warmer months. Exploring non- or low-toxic approaches to killing and preventing German cockroaches can be a safe way to catch a lot of these pests. One such non-toxic way is through sticky traps.

Another way to safely control these freaky friends is to completely get rid of any stray waste and lower the time that your in-home waste bin sits full. When there’s foul smells or crumbs lying around, you can bet there will be German cockroaches crawling through your home at night. 

Other, more aggressive treatments include baits, sprays, wettable powders, and dust treatments that will directly target German cockroaches and keep them from getting into your home.

Is Your Georgia Home Infested With The German Cockroach?

Progressive Pest Control is fully prepared with trained staff, in-depth knowledge of controlling the German cockroach, and the right treatment approach for your pest problem. If you find that you have exhausted your at-home options like eliminating waste and sticky traps and you still have a German cockroach problem, it’s time to call the professionals at Progressive Pest Control. 

You can give us a call at (706) 654-2730 or visit our contact page on our website to create a request for a consultation or a specific service. If you’re interested in finding out just a little more about us, you can visit our about page or find us on our Facebook page.

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